REIKI: Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho is a spiritual healing practice that allows balanced functioning on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki utilizes universal life-force energy to replenish energy and create balance within you. It consists of a gentle laying on of hands from giver to receiver allowing for the channeling of this life energy, creating an incredibly relaxing meditative state. 
‚Äč60 minutes $95
30 minute add on $45

THAI REFLEXOLOGY: This is one of the most relaxing experiences you could ask for. This ancient treatment stimulates reflex points in your feet that correlate to your organs and skeletal system and allow for the release of restrictions in energy flow. Pressure is applied in a gentle way using a Thai wooden dowel and thumbs. This treatment also includes arm, leg, neck and back Thai table stretching and compression techniques to leave you feeling relaxed and wonderfully taken care of. You will be fully clothed throughout your treatment.
75 minutes $115

THAI REFLEXOLOGY ADD ON: Add a Thai Reflexology session to the end of your massage. It is an incredible way to allow yourself to fully let go and relax and give your feet the love they deserve.
30 minutes $45

REIKI & THAI REFLEXOLOGY: This incredible combination will leave you relaxed and refreshed by balancing and unblocking your life force energy. Wear your comfortable loose clothing for the entire treatment and melt into the table. The experience starts with 30 minutes of Reiki then flows into 45 minutes of Thai Reflexology.
75 minutes $115

Carol Rossetti

Massage and Bodywork