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LOMI LOMI: This beautiful healing bodywork is an opening for the receiver to enter into a profound healing space. Lomi Lomi is an ancient, sacred healing practice that has been handed down through families and kahuna of Hawai'i. Long flowing strokes that unfold in a dance around the table are completely intuitive allowing the receiver the opportunity to completely let go and feel Aloha, unconditional love and harmony.
90 minutes $155
120 minutes $200


Carol Rossetti

I am grateful for my teachers who trace their Lomi Lineage to Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, the courageous Hawai'ian Kahuna who brought Lomi Lomi outside of his culture. These teachings have opened my own heart and energized my practice.

The time spent receiving Lomi Lomi is a gift for yourself to leave behind your to-do list, your phone, your busy schedule and the pressures of your day by welcoming in Aloha, unconditional love.

I am so excited to open Lomi Lomi appointments to all of you and welcome you to book a 90 or 120 minute treatment! Please reach out to find out more about this amazing bodywork and how it can help you in your journey toward relaxation and restoration of your spirit.

With much Aloha,

Exploring and learning Lomi Lomi, an ancient form of Hawai'ian bodywork, has been the most wonderful experience of my professional career. I first heard about Lomi Lomi 15 years ago when I was in massage school and was always interested in learning about it but the time was never quite right until 2022. I believe that things and people come to us when we are ready to fully receive them and I feel this is true for my Lomi Lomi experience.

What is Lomi Lomi?
Lomi Lomi massage comes from pre-Polynesian Hawai'i and was part of their healing arts which included diagnosis, herbal remedies, bodywork, etc. performed by trained Kahuna and also within families. Much of their Lomi Lomi work has been lost to time, but one thing remains today -- it restores harmony through loving touch. This beautiful massage not only helps with physical relaxation, but it also facilitates healing in the emotional and spiritual realms.

Lomi Lomi is performed with total loving energy through long, continuous flowing strokes. This nurturing touch is what gives the receiver the freedom to truly let go of stress and old limiting patterns. The mind cannot keep up with the massage, allowing the body to just feel, which opens the pathway toward full harmony. Hawai'ian Lomi Lomi treats the person as the "whole" so the body relaxes along with the mind. It goes beyond just the physical being on many levels. Some of my clients have described their Lomi experience as creating a place of "lightness and joy." Another described it as being "wrapped and cradled in a warm blanket while my stress and worries slipped away." 

How is it Different?
This bodywork is very different from other massage you may have received. The room temperature will be warm and the Hawai'ian music nurturing. The draping is minimal but at the same time remains discrete and respectful. Lom Lomi includes work on the glutes, the abdomen and the chest and breast are exposed to allow for a true full body experience. I can always add a breast towel for those who request it. The amount of oil is different as well. This work uses a good deal of organic coconut oil so long wave like strokes can flow effortlessly above and below the body.

Since Lomi Lomi flows intuitively from giver to receiver in a slow dance like movement around the table, there are no routines or techniques to limit the healing potential of the work and the flow of the Aloha Spirit. There is no plan to "fix" any problems and no set routine where the receiver may think their way through the massage so space for memories, emotions, and relaxation arises. Each experience is unique each time you visit.

Before my first Lomi class, my instructor explained that the training could be life changing and was not only a process of learning but also one of UN-learning. That is exactly what happened and continues to unfold as I learn more about Lomi Lomi and as I continue to share this beautiful work with more and more people. Lomi Lomi opens a lovely heart to heart connection during the treatment which has helped clients feel nurtured and seen and has brought a profound sense of joy and connection for me.


After six years of Swedish Massage

I had my first Lomi Lomi massage with Carol.

I felt like I was wrapped and cradled in a warm blanket

while my stress and worries slipped away.

I recommend this treatment to be on everyone's bucket list!

She cares for her clients and is the best ever!
Michelle ​

This special [Lomi Lomi] practice

was like the elements of earth and water.

Continuous, fluid, supportive and loving movements

were healing and transformative.

It felt like water cascading the muscles.

I really got in touch with my own body and

completely relaxed into this practice.

You made me feel safe and nurtured.

I wish you an amazing new journey!