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$1,377   7/23/23

I have a separate bank account just for the pay it forward funds. All you have to do is donate any amount by cash or check and the donation goes directly into this account. I will update the amount in the fund each week so at any time you can see on my website how much is available. Anyone can contribute to this pool of resources, and anyone can use money from the fund toward their oncology massage sessions with me. No questions asked. You can use whatever amount you’d like toward the cost of a session.

​I am grateful every day for the support of all my dedicated clients. 

Carol Rossetti

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Knowing friends and family over the years who have had their lives completely changed by cancer has drawn me to oncology massage. Many have mounting healthcare costs and loss of work so massage seems out of reach for them. The pay-it-forward fund allows me to continue providing massage for my many dedicated long term clients and new oncology clients while at the same time I can continue to make a living. Two local pay it forward programs inspired me to start a fund to make massage accessible to patients. 

For many years I noticed a Pay-it-Forward black board at a local restaurant in Oxford, MA. Customers could donate money and then others could redeem a juice or a sandwich whenever needed. I thought it was an easy way to make a small donation for someone in need. Then I read an article in a massage trade publication about a local massage therapist from Westborough, MA who had a fund to help her oncology patients pay for much needed massages. I thought her idea was wonderful and contacted Megan Belanger, LMT, CLT and asked her about her Touch of Kindness program. Megan gave me information so that I could start my own donation program which has been thriving since 2017