Once a month for eight years, I have enjoyed the benefits of Carol's therapeutic massage. Like most,

I live frantic life and for most of the month I see

Carol as an appointment block on my calendar.

It isn't until I am submerged in the serene

atmosphere of her practice and her being that

I am transported into the deep relaxation and rejuvenation that I have come to rely on. I am

crooked by nature and the aging process isn't easy. Carol straightens me out and helps me keep all

of my pieces and parts loose and limber.

Please think of your time in my office as an investment in an experience that should be embraced and enjoyed. Find a comfortable time in your schedule to breathe and let go. If you can take extra time before and after your massage, it will help to integrate the work and make it more affective. I use oil and body butter so be sure to dress appropriately for when you leave. Think of this time as the best time to turn off your phone and invest in yourself!

Massage and Bodywork

Carol Rossetti

CBD MASSAGE: Alleviate inflammation, add skin hydration and relive sore muscles by adding CBD oil to any massage you choose. I use the award winning Queenie Care, LLC full spectrum massage oil to help increase your relaxation and healing possibilities. There are no psychoactive effects from using this beautiful allergen-free topical. 
Add on $15


Payment: Payment in full is expected at the time of your appointment. Cash or checks accepted.

Cancellations: I require a 48 hour cancelation notice or you will be charged the full amount of your massage appointment. 
Tardiness: Appointment times are as scheduled and cannot extend beyond the stated time to accommodate late arrivals. Please be on time to your appointment.
Sickness: Massage/bodywork is not appropriate care for infections or contagious illness. Please reschedule your appointment as soon as you are aware of an infectious or contagious condition.

RELAXATION MASSAGE: Relax and enjoy slow, long flowing massage strokes. Ease muscle tension and release stress and anxiety. This is an excellent massage to switch off that "Fight or flight" mode and restore calm and balance to your body and mind. Always an excellent choice for someone new to massage. Be sure to ask about adding hot Himalayan stones to your massage.
60 minutes $95  
90 minutes $135
120 minutes $175

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: My work derives from my education in myofascial release. I use beautiful body butter and organic oil which allows me to work in a slow and focused way. This allows for the targeting of specific muscle groups to release muscle tension and pain while increasing flexibility and mobility. You are the guide for your own healing and I look forward to working with you to decide the best approach for you at each visit. Silicone cupping or Himalayan salt hot stones may be added to enhance your massage experience.
60 minutes $95
90 minutes $135
120 minutes $175

ONCOLOGY MASSAGE: A wonderful relaxation massage specifically adapted for people with cancer or cancer histories based on your needs each time you visit. Oncology massage is slow and gentle yet powerful in the way of allowing you to feel caring, comforting touch. Your personalized massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue during and after cancer treatments. This nurturing massage can help with pain management, improved quality of sleep and can help improve body awareness and image.
‚Äč60 minutes $95

75 minutes $115