MASSAGE and bodywork

I came to massage after a career as a graphic designer and art director. Two things struck me at that juncture in my life: I loved working with people on an individual basis and I really wanted to do more to make people's lives better. I also became aware of the continued need for touch in our lives as I witnessed my loved ones aging and suffering the effects of cancer and its treatments. I believe in spreading kindness every day because we all benefit from a smile, a kind word and an amazing massage!

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Carol Rossetti

Today I experienced my first Lomi Lomi Massage. Wow! This is probably the most calm my nervous system has been in at least 6 years. It literally felt like an out of body experience a few times. What a wonderful experience. I cannot wait to do it again!!

My Path

My massage practice has brought me incredible joy by listening and connecting with many people and working toward achieving their health goals. I believe I am the facilitator in your journey for wellness and relaxation. Through massage, Lomi Lomi bodywork and Reiki, your body can awaken its own healing wisdom. I cannot fix you, but I can create space for you to relax into, so your body and spirit can find balance, rest and a path toward health. Over 15 years in my massage practice, I have come to a place where I believe relaxation massage is truly the ultimate healing bodywork. Calming of the body and mind creates greater openings for you to heal. Several years ago I let go of the term deep tissue because it didn't describe the work I offered or even a place from where my work originates. I invite you to try my offerings of slow, focused, relaxing work that calms your nervous system and feel the change it can make in your life.