Carol Rossetti

There are so many reasons to book your massage today. Massage can help reduce chronic and acute pain, reduce stress and anxiety and increase sports performance. Regular massages are important for your overall wellness and are an investment in your health! I love being a massage therapist and I am happy to talk to you about how massage can help you live the quality life you deserve. Please call, text or email today to schedule your appointment. 

​In my practice I have helped clients:
Reduce stress 
Reduce anxiety  
Sleep better
Ease chronic and acute pain
Regain range of motion
Overcome numbness and tingling
Enhance exercise performance
Recover from injuries

Recover from carpal tunnel syndrome

Recover from plantar fasciitis
Reduce muscle tension 
Ease fibromyalgia pain
Ease symptoms of depression

Celebrating 6 years at my Sjogren Chiropractic Center location!

Massage Is Good Medicine

Licensed Massage Therapist

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