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After six years of Swedish Massage I had my first Lomi Lomi massage with Carol. I felt like I was wrapped and cradled in a warm blanket while my stress and worries slipped away. I recommend this treatment to be on everyone's bucket list! She cares for her clients and is the best ever!

Carol is the best!  I have been a client of Carol's for a while. Due to my profession as a portrait photographer, my muscles and body take a beating. I visit Carol monthly to help me relax and get back into tip top shape.  I am so pleased with my massage every time!  Carol is the only person I will go to!  I refer her name to my friends often. There is no one better!
Once a month for eight years, I have enjoyed the benefits of Carol's therapeutic massage. Like most, I live frantic life and for most of the month I see Carol as an appointment block on my calendar. It isn't until I am submerged in the serene atmosphere of her practice and her being that I am transported into the deep relaxation and rejuvenation that I have come to rely on. I am crooked by nature and the aging process isn't easy. Carol straightens me out and helps me keep all of my pieces and parts loose and limber.
This special [Lomi Lomi] practice was like the elements of earth and water. Continuous, fluid, supportive and loving movements were healing and transformative. It felt like water cascading the muscles. I really got in touch with my own body and completely relaxed into this practice. You made me feel safe and nurtured. I wish you an amazing new journey!
My journey with Carol started about 5 years ago shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis. A friend recommended her to me and despite being self-conscious about the fact that I didn't have any hair and because I've never really done anything like this before, I'm so glad I took the leap! Having an Oncology massage was exactly what I needed to help me through the stress and pain from going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I'm happy to say that even after finishing treatments I've continued to see Carol monthly for a Swedish massage. She takes the time to listen and focus on my problem areas while helping me relax during my massage. Carol is amazing at what she does, she is very kind, professional and truly cares about her clients.
After reading about Lomi massage, I was excited to try it but a little skeptical that it would be very different from traditional Swedish massage. Boy, was I wrong! Lomi massage is incredibly relaxing and brought about a level of calm that I haven't felt in ages. I have Fibromyalgia and this really calmed my nervous system. I'm truly amazed at how great this experience was, and I'm already thinking about my next Lomi massage with Carol!

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