​​​​Cash or checks are accepted.

Full payment expected at time of service. 

Please think of your time in my office as an experience that should be embraced and enjoyed. Find a comfortable time in your schedule to breathe and let go. If you can take extra time before and after your massage, it will help to integrate the work and make it more affective. I use oil and body butter so be sure to dress appropriately for when you leave. Think of this time as the best time to turn off your phone and take off your watch!

LOMI LOMI NUI: This beautiful healing bodywork is an opening for the receiver to enter into a profound healing space. Ke Ala HoKu - Pathway to the Stars, is an ancient form of Hawaiian bodywork that arises from our body's innate wisdom. We live in our heads in our modern world and leave our body behind and treat it as a vessel that gets us from one place to another. Lomi Lomi reconnects our mind with our body and heart.  Allow yourself to set your intentions before your treatment to release emotions or old patterns or perhaps invite something new into your life while you are in a safe, nurturing environment.  Lomi Lomi unfolds in a fluid dance as the giver and receiver connect energetically through Aloha: harmony and love. The intuitive flow allows each massage to be completely unique. 
90 minutes $150

SWEDISH MASSAGE: Relax and enjoy slow, long flowing massage strokes. Ease muscle tension and release stress and anxiety. This is an excellent massage to switch off that "Fight or flight" mode and restore calm and balance to your body and mind. Always an excellent choice for someone new to massage. Be sure to ask about adding hot Himalayan stones to your massage.
60 minutes $85  
90 minutes $120
120 minutes $155

ONCOLOGY MASSAGE: A wonderful relaxation massage specifically adapted for people with cancer or cancer histories based on your needs each time you visit. 
Oncology massage is slow and gentle yet powerful in the way of allowing you to feel caring, comforting touch. Your personalized massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue during and after cancer treatments. This nurturing massage can help with pain management, improved quality of sleep and can help improve body awareness and image.
​60 minutes $85

REIKI: Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho is a spiritual healing practice that allows balanced functioning on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki utilizes universal life-force energy to replenish energy and create balance within you. It consists of a gentle laying on of hands from giver to receiver allowing for the channeling of this life energy, creating an incredibly relaxing meditative state. 
​60 minutes $85

Also available as a 30 minute add-on at the end of your 60 or 90 minute massage