Licensed Massage Therapist

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​113 1/2 Main Street, Oxford, MA 01540

Carol Rossetti


Therapeutic Massage: Relieve deep muscle tension and pain while increasing flexibility and mobility. This focused massage targets specific muscle groups and connective tissue. I use various modalities each time you visit depending on your needs that session which may include myofacial release, hot Himalayan salt stones or cupping.
30 minutes $40  

45 minutes $55

60 minutes $75  

90 minutes $100 ​​

Swedish Massage: Relax and enjoy long flowing massage strokes. Ease muscle tension and release stress and anxiety.
30 minutes $30  

60 minutes $60   

90 minutes $90

Oncology Massage: Traditional massage specifically adapted for people with cancer or cancer histories based on your needs and requests each time you visit. A hands-on session that is gentle and nurturing for you to relax into. Helps reduce stress, anxiety and pain during and after cancer treatments.
30 minutes $30  
​60 minutes $60

Prenatal Massage: Relieve aches, pains and stress during pregnancy and postpartum. Specific training allows for the proper positioning and treatment to help woman relax fully as they progress through pregnancy.   
​60 minutes $75

Hot Stone Massage: Luxuriate in this deeply soothing heat therapy. I use Himalayan salt stones with the right pressure will relieve sore, stiff muscles and calm the nervous system.
90 minutes $110

Full payment expected at time of service.
Cash and checks are accepted