Licensed Massage Therapist

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​113 1/2 Main Street, Oxford, MA 01540

Carol Rossetti

Therapeutic Massage: Relieve deep muscle tension and pain while increasing flexibility and mobility. This focused massage targets specific muscle groups and connective tissue. I use various modalities each time you visit depending on your needs that session which may include Himalayan Salt hot stones or cupping.
30 minutes $40  

45 minutes $55

60 minutes $75  

90 minutes $100 ​​

Swedish Massage: Relax and enjoy long flowing massage strokes. Ease muscle tension and release stress and anxiety.
30 minutes $30  

60 minutes $60   

90 minutes $90

Oncology Massage: Traditional massage specifically adapted for people with cancer or cancer histories based on your needs and requests each time you visit. A hands-on session that is gentle and nurturing for you to relax into. Helps reduce stress, anxiety and pain during and after cancer treatments.
30 minutes $30  
​60 minutes $60

Hot Stone Massage: Luxuriate in this deeply soothing heat therapy. I use Himalayan salt stones with the right pressure will relieve sore, stiff muscles and calm the nervous system.
90 minutes $110

Reiki: Restores and balances life energy (ki or chi) which promotes physical and mental healing. This treatment facilitates energy flow and is very relaxing and calming for the body, mind and spirit. Read more about Reiki.

45 minutes $45 

Full payment expected at time of service.
Cash and checks are accepted